Flights crossing state-borders from/into LSZI (ATC Flightplan mandatory!) for Pilots / Passengers without needing a VISA and without articles below customs-limits are possible. Besides PPR, a Customs-declaration must be filled out and stored: earliest 24 h and latest 1:30 before arrival-time / departure-time respectively. The form for the returnflight can be stored simultaneously.

Latest 1:15 h before planned arrival or planned departure one has to contact the aerodrome-office +41 62 871 22 22 to activate the stored customs-declaration(s).

Without confirmation of Customs-declaration-activation it’s not allowed to arrive from abroad or depart abroad.

LSZI hat PPR und es muss zusätzlich im Winter unbedingt der Pistenzustand angefragt werden

Flugplatz Status

AeCS Regionalverband Fricktal
4325 Schupfart

Tel 062 871 22 22

Fax 062 871 01 72

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